Musicians For Human Rights

Musicians For Human Rights is a worldwide network of musicians who promote a culture of human rights and social engagement.

The organization was founded in Rome in 2009 by world-renowned horn player Alessio Allegrini and a group of fellow musicians, organizations and humanists active in grassroots efforts on four continents. Our founders have their roots mostly in classical music and include some of the finest musicians of the world.

MFHR encourages musicians of all levels—children, advanced students, professionals and amateurs—as well as audiences and the general public to consider how they can advance the wellbeing of others.

Our flagship ensemble, the Human Rights Orchestra, performs concerts to illuminate human rights issues and organizations, and to raise funds for high-impact charities.

We are currently leading an effort to develop teaching, training, and performance materials for professional musicians and ensembles that advance artistic and humanistic sensibilities and practices.